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Welcome to the Department of Ecology (Ecology) Litter web site!

On this website you will find information about litter laws, various litter cleanup programs, statistics, links to litter-related publications, and information about the “Litter and It Will Hurt” prevention campaign. Hopefully you will find something to inspire you to help us reach Washington’s zero litter goal!

Ecology has always been involved in statewide litter programs, but changes in 1998 put the agency in a leadership role. With the passage of the 1998 Litter Act (Second Substitute House Bill 3058, which was incorporated into RCW 70.93), Ecology became responsible for the use of litter tax funds. Ecology hired a central coordinator to work cooperatively with other state agencies and local governments. The coordinator’s job is to develop programs and monitor their progress. There is a new focus on coordinating litter collection and prevention efforts.

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